Monday, 29 January 2007

Short Woodpecker Clip Fails

Funny Little Woodpecker! - video powered by Metacafe

I tried submitting a short random clip of a little toy I have at my house today to see if I could make some cash out of nothing as I really don't have any ideas at the moment. It was a total flop. Looks like I'll have to think of something a little more interesting. Any ideas?

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Payment Recieved - January 2007!

Metacafe is not a scam!!! I have received a huge payment for all my hard work. $879.05 (£443.79) was credited directly to my paypal account today. I can't believe it! I'm going to laugh so hard at the people who kept telling me it was fake. I may finally be able to get that camcorder I wanted to start filming more real life videos. Things can only get better... Watch this space. I'm gunning for a top earner's position ;)

2 New Computer Videos and Both Got in!

Destroy Google!!! - video powered by Metacafe

Access Your Computer Anywhere! - video powered by Metacafe

Hi again. Sorry it's been so long since I posted but I've been so caught up in metacafe. I made two computer videos. One is a simple tutorial and the other is about an interesting website. Both have been accepted into the PR Program and earnt me about $100 each. They're both quality tricks I picked up and would be interested in myself. I've learnt you can't get away with submitting useless videos into the program. I'll try one and see what happens...

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Breakthrough: First real life video bags $400

The Best Multiplication Method! - video powered by Metacafe

I can't believe it. My first real life video has made it into the producer rewards. All it is, is a simple multiplication trick I picked up in primary school (first grade). I had to make it with my digital camera (which can record short movies!) as I still don't have a digital camcorder. But get this... this video hasn't just past the threshold, it's got to 90,000 views and got me $400. I received a contract earlier this week, which I had to complete and e-mail back. Payment is made at the beginning of each month, so we'll see if this is the real deal or not, come January 2007...

Two more computer tutorials up...

How To Free Space On Your Computer! - video powered by Metacafe

Speed Up Your Computer - video powered by Metacafe

I added two more computer videos today. Not so much tutorials as demonstrations as I didn't added any subtitles/instructions. These have got even worse feedback and fewer views. Things are not looking up... Maybe I underestimated how hard this really is. Anyway I managed to sort out the quality by using the zoom function. It may be that the videos are too simple. Ones about defragmenting your computer and the other's about disk cleanup. Quite useful if your new to computers.

My First Video

How To Make Your Own Desktop Icon! - video powered by Metacafe

I uploaded my first video to metacafe today. It is a simple computer tutorial as I have seen these to be quite successful and I can't yet afford a decent camcorder. The quality is really bad as the metacafe users have let me know :( . I'll try and work on a way to get around this and hopefully come back with something better and clearer...